Genetic Profiles provides the most accurate and powerful DNA paternity testing available to prove or disprove paternity. The laboratory is dedicated to excellence in service and technology in DNA genetic testing and DNA paternity testing. Genetic Profiles' DNA Profiling has ample power to conclusively determine paternity with a minimum probability of 99.99%. Alternatively, if the tested man is not the biological father, it will exclude him from fatherhood

Established in 1990, Genetic Profiles has performed many thousands of paternity tests and has become a DNA center in the area of genetic relationship testing. As a full service genetic relationship testing laboratory, Genetic Profiles has gained extensive experience in analyzing paternity cases and providing expert witness testimony at paternity hearings and paternity trials. Civil and criminal courts accept the paternity test results. The laboratory's team of professionals is highly experienced at providing genetic relationship testing services to individual clients, attorneys, district attorneys, child support offices, social services departments, immigration departments and physicians throughout the United States.

Genetic Profiles provides accurate and affordable DNA testing paternity