How to contact us at Genetic Profiles

Genetic Profiles provides the most accurate and powerful DNA testing technology available in order to prove or disprove paternity. We are dedicated to excellence in service and technology in DNA paternity testing. There are many ways you can contact us at Genetic Profiles:

10675 Treena Street, Suite. 103
San Diego, CA 92131




Contact Procedure:

When you contact Genetic Profiles for paternity testing or other DNA tests please be prepared to provide the names of the parties in the case, the age of the child or children, the names and telephone numbers of attorneys or other representatives and your preferred appointment schedule(s). DNA paternity testing specimen collection stations are available throughout the United States and some foreign countries. The DNA testing laboratory makes arrangements for specimen collection at the most convenient location(s) for the parties involved (mother, child and alleged father). Our laboratory provides the kits for sample DNA test collection and transportation. Non-legal DNA home paternity testing kits are mailed directly to you or your representative. Please see our DNA Home Paternity Testing page for additional details. DNA paternity testing is not time-sensitive, which allows flexibility in scheduling appointments and collecting samples.